Pierogi (packets of 1kg/27-28pc)

Pierogi with Meat                          $30
Cabbage & Mushrooms                    $30
Russian (cheese & Potatoes)             $30
Chicken, Mushrooms & Cheese          $30
Buckwheat, Mushrooms & Ricotta      $30
Sweet Pierogi (Fruits)                    $30
Bigos - Polish Hunter Stew
Bigos - Polish Hunter Stew
happy christmas thing

Order your Christmas Pierogi and Uszka by the 18th December.

 Other Products

30 pcs Handmade "Uszka" with mushrooms $12
Croquettes with meat                        $30 kg
Croquettes with cabbage & mushrooms    $30 kg
Beef Roulades with sauce (pc)              $9
Bigos (per kg)                                 $28 kg
Flaki                                            $28 kg


Cakes made to order
Party Catering up to 50 people (menu from $45 to $50 per person)

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